The Atomic Geeks

In this episode the fellas bravely reveal their guilty pleasures and then tease each other about them.  

This is probably one of the most notable episodes in TAG history. It was in this episode that Andrew Bloom's notable guilty confession became a point of humour for the rest of the fellas for many, many episodes later much to his chagrin.

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It's the third episode. We talked mostly about The Dark Knight, so bat-tangents abound. Lots of interesting speculation about the Marvel movies way, way back. So step back in time podcast fans and laugh at our conversation.

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Lots of old geek stuff talked about. Didn't really have a dedicated topic format down at this point. Enjoy!

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The first episode of THE ATOMIC GEEKS podcast. If you have never heard this before here's your chance! You're welcome.

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Well this it guys. Our final episode of THE ATOMIC GEEKS #podcast. It's a long one to say the least but it had to be so we could say thanks to as many of you jerks as possible. We hope you all enjoyed this audio journey as much as we have. There's really not much more we can say that isn't covered in this episode. Write an iTunes review! HA! Haven't done that in awhile. All the best everyone!

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It's our 350th episode.   To celebrate this milestone we are doing what most other long running shows do...we're heading to Hawaii!  While there we are discussing all the shows before us that have done this "Hawaii" trope and also brainstorming how some other very unlikely TV shows (like Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead and more) could go to Hawaii.   Plus: who will we run into during our podcasting vacation? Put on your grass skirt, grab a ukulele and join the fun.  

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This week we are figuring out what TV shows would exist in some of our favorite fictional universes.   What would be must watch TV in the Star Wars universe or the Marvel universe?  Tune in and learn jerks!  Plus: Downs and Christian hate monsters. 

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We're going to a strange place in TopicTown tonight as the fellas discuss certain pop culture characters going to college. What classes will they take? Who is the crusty old dean? Rival Schools? This episode will make more sense when you listen. We also talk a little Pacific Rim and the latest season of Big Brother. Hope you're having a great summer thus far!

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We're on a summer schedule here pilgrims. Lots of stuff happening so we are putting up a great classic episode for your ears to re-hear or hear for the first time! This is an episode from 2014 where we talk about our existence UNDERWATER. Lots of good stuff here. I hope you like listening again and we will be back with a brand new crazy episode next week. Have you written an iTunes review before? Why don't you make this your summer resolution and write one for us? The Internet podcast robots will definitely appreciate it. 

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