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Mike Downs hosted this one as we had a conversation dedicated entirely to science fiction television shows a long time ago.

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Christian hosts this one as the fellas reminisced about the magic that was Saturday Morning TV. We also talked about that Star Trek reboot movie that I think has about 8 sequels now. Enjoy!

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DiGio hosts this chestnut from way back when where we talk about tv shows that were cancelled too soon.

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Andrew hosts this episode where we talk about reasons for travelling forward and backward in time for very reasonable purposes. 

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A conversation about random Star Wars topics, with host Mike Downs, was had with our first time guest at the time Mark Dury.

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This is our first VERSUS! episode. Great conversation and questionable audio quality abound on this one.

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In this DiGio hosted episode we talked about toys from our childhood. No lives were lost in the making of this podcast.

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Andrew hosts this episode where we talk about what TV shows we were watching a long time ago and make fun of each other. Enjoy!

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In this episode we talked about video games. A no holds barred discussion about video games from many years ago. I think we also talked about your Mom. HA!

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In this episode we talked about the general state of superheroes on television before the Netflix stuff and The Flash etc. There's got to be some interesting perspectives in here right? I should really re-listen to these episodes before writing these synopsis bits. Anyway if you're listening for the first time or listening again, let me just say from the bottom of my heart you're the best.

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