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This is our first VERSUS! episode. Great conversation and questionable audio quality abound on this one.

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In this DiGio hosted episode we talked about toys from our childhood. No lives were lost in the making of this podcast.

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Andrew hosts this episode where we talk about what TV shows we were watching a long time ago and make fun of each other. Enjoy!

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In this episode we talked about video games. A no holds barred discussion about video games from many years ago. I think we also talked about your Mom. HA!

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In this episode we talked about the general state of superheroes on television before the Netflix stuff and The Flash etc. There's got to be some interesting perspectives in here right? I should really re-listen to these episodes before writing these synopsis bits. Anyway if you're listening for the first time or listening again, let me just say from the bottom of my heart you're the best.

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First Re-Do episode! Great topic idea hosted by our pal Michael DiGiovanni who normally hosted these episodes. The first of many great re-do episodes. Re-listen to them all!

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We drink beer (some of us) and talk about the Watchmen movie. 

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Mike Downs hosts this one as we talk about online video. I would almost call this his first Tech Talk episode. Again, this was released many years ago but I think this is interesting just to hear where our geek heads were at. Some interesting Star Wars talk about 7,8 & 9 right at the beginning. 

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I guess this was our first trailer talk episode. I think the interesting thing about this episode you can hear our perspective on movies from about 8 years ago. I haven't re-listened to this episode but I can only assume there's going to be some un-nostradamus like interesting conversation about geek properties yet to be. Enjoy!

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On this episode we talked about our five favourite websites we would like to take to a desert island. The concept alone is one of the many reasons I will miss recording this podcast. Hope you enjoy it and write an iTunes review if you never had just for the hell of it. 

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